The region of Calabria is a very pleasant discovery

So much to offer and yet still a lot unexplored. During my last visit, before the busy summer season, I was able to visit my friends and discover new places. I tasted the amazing food and incredible wines of the region. Here is my review and invite you to discover more of this beautiful part of Italy, Calabria. 


I stayed at different locations, the famous Palazzo Mottola in Tropea offers the feeling of home, incredible service with the best view of Tropea and the rooms are quite big. You need to have breakfast at their balcony and just take in the view!

I also stayed at Villa Paola, just outside Tropea, this was definitely a place to relax and enjoy the space and amazing experience it offers. 
There are so many other places I visited, which I can share with you when planning your next trip. 


So many great things to offer here! My favorite things to do includes cooking class in Tropea, offshore experience, onion and wine tastings in a local farm, a nice walk in Tropea at night and going to Pizzo to taste the original Tartufo (can’t describe the taste). See pictures below!

Food and wine

Calabria is famous for the onion of Tropea, of course the pepper among other things but it was full of great surprises including the ‘Nduja and the amazing wines of Calabria. So many good restaurants that I would need to write a few more posts to really describe how it was.

Best time to travel

To avoid the crowds I would definitely suggest going in June. During this time weather is perfect and it’s still not crowded. Second half of September would be my second choice. 

How to get there and why I recommend going to Calabria

Train from Rome to Lamezia takes around 4 hours and the ride is amazing! If you’re going from Naples or Salerno, it will be even faster. If you are staying in Puglia you can also drive into the wine country of Calabria and have an amazing experience. There are also flights to Lamezia airport from many cities in Italy. Benarrivati can offer you a complete itinerary to Calabria with local support and experts in the region. I strongly suggest visiting Calabria if you’re looking for an authentic and local experience away from the busy and known places. Calabria is truly a hidden gem everyone should see and explore.

Below some pictures I would like to share with you.


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